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Delayed Human

September 17th, 2014

ROK73 centreIf you’ve been wondering where I’ve got to of late and haven’t been following me either on TWITTER or FACEBOOK then you’re probably well overdue a catch up so in brief…

I’ve spent the summer driving up and down the country and in and out of tents, making the most of festival season from the muddy fields of Glastonbury to the giant disco balls of Bestival.

Around that I’ve managed to fit in the best part of recording the forthcoming Wrongtom Meets Ragga Twins LP, plus a handful of remixes and singles including the new Rongorock single voiced by UK dancehall veteran Daddy Gadman which you can purchase here on 7″ or via iTunes, Amazon etc.

Big things are brewing at Wrong Towers this autumn with plenty in store for 2015 either on wax or on stage, so keep ‘em peeled. Until then, here’s both sides of the Daddy Gadman single for your listening pleasure…

Top Up The Dance

July 4th, 2013

Just quickly touching in and touching out again to say the 1st release on my new reggae/dancehall imprint Rongorock is currently being pressed up and prepped for release next month, for a sneak preview click play below…

Posse Galore

June 17th, 2013

As a young wrongun I couldn’t get enough of London Posse’s Gangster Chronicle, so it’s pretty damn exciting to be able to say I have a remix on the album’s re-release.

Out on Tru Thoughts today, the now plural Gangster Chronicles features the original LP, plus a handful of singles, b-sides and remixes including my own mix of British hip hop standard Money Mad, as well as The Nextmen’s amazing Style remix from ’96 and new stuff from Hint and The Beta Band’s Steve Mason.

I owe a heavy debt to this record as far as my own music goes, and I’d go as far to say it’s my version of Dark Side Of The Moon, or Nevermind or whatever your particular watershed musical moment may be. I’ll refrain from any more heavy handed accolades but you should definitely go and grab yourself a copy, so head over to the Tru Thoughts site for further info.

And if you haven’t yet heard it, here’s my remix, also available on the digi only Money Mad single


Wrongtom Meets Rodigan

May 10th, 2013

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Fact Magazine HQ to park up on their couch and interview UK reggae legend David Rodigan MBE. With confirmation only coming in the night before, I rocked up sleep-addled, ill prepared, and caught off guard by Rodigan’s manager discussing an interview brief I knew nothing about, barely minutes before the cameras rolled.

Regardless we had a great chat – Dave’s an eloquent and insightful guy with decades of experience and the stories to show for it, and I’m glad we managed to touch on his lesser known acting career, even if the bit about his early roles in a couple of salubrious brit-sex-comedies didn’t make the cut. There’s no dirt here, they’re no raunchier than your average Carry On film and he was happy to chat about them, I guess there was just too much info to edit into 3 bite-size video clips which you can now watch below…

Liquid, Liquid!

April 9th, 2013

With vinyl flying off the shelves, some of you have been asking whether my Incredible remix will be getting a digital release, and the answer this week is, yes! Grab yours today via iTunes, Juno, Amazon and various other download stores.

Speaking of downloads, Superteng’s been riding up the Juno charts over the last week, topping the dub and drum & bass charts, and lingering around the breakbeat and dubstep top 10′s, even hitting number 9 on their overall sales chart for a brief moment which was nice. Anyway, if you still haven’t grabbed your copy, here’s the Juno link, or grab it direct from Tru Thoughts.

If you weren’t aware, I was invited by Trojan years ago to do a dub mix of Harry J’s Liquidator which since getting pressed on a limited 10″ has now been out of print for years so in honour of Harry J who sadly passed away last week, you can now grab an mp3 of my Liquid Rock Dub via the soundcloud link below, strictly limited of course so dawdle and don’t get none…

Lastly I couldn’t resist a Thatcher themed Skank Blog post so if you fancy a listen to a spiky dub rendition of Maggie’s Farm or some early UK rap action with more than a nod to the iron lady then go here now.