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ROK73 centreDaddy Gadman “No Human”
From the “No Human / Mic Shy” single (Rongorock)
Released Sep 2014
Production, keys

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Everywhere centreMighty Leap “Everywhere (Wrongtom’s Omipresent Dub)”
From the “Everywhere” single (Skylarkin)
Released Aug 2014
Remix & additional production


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rectanglesWrongtom Meets Deemas J “Jump + Move + Rock (FBR Remix)”
From the “Shapes: Rectangles” compilation (Tru Thoughts)
Released April 2014
Production, keys (original version)




XFMwaxWrongtom Meets Deemas J “Freestyle”
From the “X-posure Session On Vinyl” LP (Xfm Ltd)
Released April 2014
Production, bass, guitar, keys, percussion synth




Chinese Man ft Johnny Osbourne, YT & Taiwan MC “Independent Music (Wrongtom Pon Cassette)”
From the “Once Upon A Time” EP (Chinese man Records)
Released Feb 2014
Remix, production, bass, guitar, keys


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Wrongtom Meets Deemas J “Jump + Move + Rock (Benny Page Remix)”
From the “Shapes: Circles” compilation (Tru Thoughts)
Released Oct 2013
Production, keys (original version)




Cut La Vis ft Mystro “Little Way Different (Wrongtom Remix)”
From the “Little Way Diffrent” single (Irish Moss Records)
Released Sep 2013
Production, keys




Mark Professor “Oystah Card”
From the “Oystah Card” single (Rongorock)
Released Aug 2013
Production, keys, guitar, bass, percussion




John Turrell “Wrong Time (Wrongtom’s Right Mix)”
From the “Wrong Time” single (Big Chill Records)
Released Aug 2013
Production, keys, bass, guitar, percussion




London Posse “Money Mad (Wrongtom Remix)”
From the “Money Mad” single (Tru Thoughts)
Released May 2013
Production, keys, guitar




Wrongtom Meets Deemas J “Superteng”
From the “Superteng” single (Tru Thoughts)
Released April 2013
Production, synths




Mirrors “Dip You (Wrongtom & Deemas J Do The Dip)”
From the “Dip You” single (Loungin Recordings)
Released April 2013
Remix, production, keys


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General Levy “Incredible General (Wrongtom Remix)”
From the “Incredible/As You See It” single (Inna Nice Up Fashion)
Released March 2013
Remix, production, bass, guitar, keys, percussion


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Dubblestandart & Marcia Griffiths “Holding You Close (Wrongtom’s Close Teng)”
From the “Holding You Close EP Chapter 2″ remix EP (Collision)
Released Dec 2012
Remix, synths and additional production




Wrongtom Meets Deemas J “Crime Times”
From the “Shapes 12:01″ compilation (Tru Thoughts)
Released November 2012
Production, synths




Wrongtom Meets Deemas J “Old Time Stylee”
From the “In East London” album (Tru Thoughts)
Released September 2012
Production, bass, organ, guitar




Remdog ft Nature Boy Jim Kelly “Inside The Box (Repackaged by Wrongtom)”
From the “Inside the Arrows” EP
Released September 2012
Remix, production, synths, guitar




Wrongtom Meets Deemas J “Jump + Move + Rock”
From the “Jump + Move + Rock” single (Tru Thoughts)
Released September 2012
Production, Keys, Boss PC-2




Resonators “B.A.S.I.C. (Wrongtom Labrynthitis Remix)”
From the “B.A.S.I.C.” single (Wah Wah 45s)
Released August 2012
Remix, Production, synths


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Citizen Sound ft Ammoye “Addicted (Wrongtom’s Disco Bogle)”
From the “Addicted” single (Balanced Records)
Released August 2012
Remix, additional production and keys




Soothsayers “We’re Not Leaving (Wrongtom Dub)”
From the “We’re Not Leaving” EP (Red Earth Music)
Released May 2012
Remix and additional production


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LCMDF “Future Me (Wrongtom Remix)”
From the “Future Me” single (Heavenly Recordings)
Released July 2011
Remix, Production, Synths




Dub Pistols ft Gregory Isaacs & Rodney P “Six Months (Wrongtom Meets The Riddim Killa)”
From the “Rehashed” album (Sunday Best)
Released June 2011
Remix, Production, Bass, Guitar, Organ, Percussion




Hard-Fi Meets Wrongtom “Good For Dubbing”
From the “Good For Nothing” single (Atlantic)
Released June 2011
Remix, Production, Keys





Wrongtom Meets Citizen Sound “Wa Do Dance”
From the “Wa Do Dub” single (Irie Ites/Balanced Records)
Released May 2011
Remix, Production, Roland SH101




Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom “Butterfly Crab Walk”
From the “Nova Tunes 2.3″ compilation (Nova Records)
Released February 2011
Production, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Organ, Marimba




The Worm “Fine Girls (Wrongtom Dub)”
From the “Fine Girls EP” (Wormfood)
Released December 2010
Remix, Production, Guitar, Bass & Bells




The Nextmen ft Pupa Jim “Sofa (Wrongtom Remix)”
From the “Sofa” single (Nice Up!)
Released November 2010
Remix, production, SH101, Siel Orchestra, Boss PC-2




Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom “…And Again”
From the “Way Of The Ninja” mix CD by King Cannibal (Ninja Tune)
Released November 2010
Remix, production, keys




Aloosh “Citrus (Indian Queens Remix)”
From the “Separate/Citrus” single (Nature Scene)
Released October 2010
Remix & Co-production




Kid Koala “Skanky Panky (Wrongtom Dub)”
From the Ninja Tune XX Ltd Edition Box Set (Ninja Tune)
Released September 2010
Bass, Guitar, Remix & Production




Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom “Dutty Rut”
From the “Duppy Writer” LP (Big Dada)
Released September 2010
Bass, Guitar, Keys & Production




Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom “Jah Warriors”
From the “Jah Warriors” single (Big Dada)
Released August 2010
Bass, Guitar, Keys & Production




Wrongtom vs Rodney P “Riddim Killin”
From Nice Up! 010 7″ (Nice Up!)
Released May 2010
Remix & production




Pama Intl v Wrongtom “Equality & Dub For All”
From the “I Still Love You More (Bongolian Version)” 7″ (Rockers Revolt)
Released April 2010
Remix & production




Wrongtom ft Sarah Wayne “Behind You”
From the “Old Ghosts” LP (Myuzyk)
Released January 2010
Synths, Production




Wrongtom Meets The Rockers “Dubbing The Supermarket”
From the “Shatter The Hotel” Joe Strummer tribute LP
Released December 2009
Guitar, Production





Jimmy Screech “Jamaica (Wrongtom Club Mix)”
From the “Jamaica/Fly Away” single (Map Music)
Released September 2009
Remix, production, bass & guitar





Roots Manuva Meets Wrongtom “Do Bodda Mi”
From the “Do Nah Bodda Mi” single (Big Dada)
Released July 2009
Remix, production, keys, Boss PC-2




John Brown’s Body “The Gold (Bodykit Refit)”
From the “Re-amplify” remix LP (Easystar Records)
Released March 2009
Remix & production




Pama Intl “Breton Brutality”
From the “Highrise Campaign” mini-LP (Rockers Revolt)
Released February 2009
Remix & additional production




Wrongtom ft. Sarah Wayne “Take It Down”
From the “Twisting The Frame” compilation (Myuzik)
Released Decemeber 2008
All instruments, backing vocals & production




Roots Manuva meets Wrongtom “A New Version”
From the “Slime & Version” mini-LP (Big Dada)
Released September 2008
Remix, production, bass, guitar & melodica




Dr Rubberfunk “Theme For A Latter-Day Lothario (Wrongtom’s 85 Lovers Version)”
From “My Life At 33 Remixes” EP (GPS Recordings)
Released December 2007
Remix, production & keys




Hard-Fi “Can’t Get A Dub (Without Wrongtom)”
From the “Can’t Get Along” single (Atlantic)
Released November 2007
Remix, production, bass, guitar & keys




Hard-Fi “We Need Dub (Wrongtom Inna West London Style)”
From the “Love Music Hate Racism” compilation (NME)
Released October 2007
Remix, production, bass, guitar & keys




Hard-Fi “Tonight”
From the “Once Upon A Time In The West” LP (Atlantic)
Released September 2007
Production, percussion & programming




Hard-Fi “Suburban Knights (Dj Wrongtom’s Delight)”
From the “Suburban Knights” single (Atlantic)
Released August 2007
Remix, production, bass & percussion




Phantom “Wrongtom Meets Nosferatu Inna Murderland”
From the “Rockabilly Vampires” single (Demon/White Dragon)
Released July 2007
Remix, production, organ & Korg Sigma




The Ripps “Holiday (Wrongtom 18-30 Version)”
From the “Holiday” single (Catskills)
Released June 2007
Remix, production, guitar, keys & bass




Jay Bharadia “Snowy Day (Wrongtom’s SMR Version)”
From The “Snowy Day” single (Lumenessence)
Released May 2007
Remix, production & melodica




Dj Wrongtom “Let Me Kill Your Fantasy”
From the “Cassetiquette” LP/mix CD (Casseticuts)
Released February 2007
Production & DJ mix




Kone-R “Knob (Wrongtom’s Dismembered Dub)”
From the “Idea Hoard Uncut” compilation (Uncharted Audio)
Released October 2006
Remix, production, keys, bass, guitar and percussion




Harry J Allstars “The Liquidator (Wrongtom’s Liquid Rock Dub)”
From the “Liquidator” 10″ (Trojan)
Released July 2006
Remix, production, percussion & Korg Sigma




Hard-Fi “Dubbed Up Too Tight”
From the “Hometown HiFi” mix CD (Mixmag)
Released May 2006
Remix, production & keys




Hard-Fi “Move On Dub”
From the “In Operation” dub versions LP (Atlantic)
Released May 2006
Remix, production & keys




Hard-Fi “Hard To Beatmix”
From the “Hard To Beat” remix 12″ double pack (Atlantic)
Released May 2006
Remix, production, percussion & vocals




Hard-Fi “Better Do Better (Wrongtom Wild Inna 81 Version)”
From the “Better Do Better” single (Atlantic)
Released April 2006
Remix & production




Hard-Fi “Middle Eastern Holiday (Wrongtom Meets The Rockers East Of Medina)”
From the dub mixes 7″ exclusive to HMV (Atlantic)
Released July 2005
Remix, production & melodica




Hard-Fi “Middle Eastern Holiday (Wrongtom Remix)”
From the “Tied Up Too Tight” 12″ (Atlantic)
Released April 2005
Remix, production & percussion




Hard-Fi “Dub machine”
From the “Cash Machine” single (Necessary)
Released February 2005
Remix, production & percussion




Wrongtom “Trainsong”
From the “Wrongtom EP” (Us Vs Them)
Released December 2004
Bass Guitar, Rhodes, Moog Source, Harmonium, Percussion & Production




Hard-Fi “Cash Machine (Wrongtom Remix)”
From the original “Stars Of CCTV” mini-LP (Necessary)
Released October 2004
Remix, production & percussion




Resus Kid “Girls (Diaclone Remix)”
From the “Girls” single (Launderecs)
Released 2003
Remix & Production




Digitone “Footsteps (All City Remix)”
From the “Troubled Place EP” (Halflife Recordings)
Released February 2002
Remix & Production




Contempo “Aint Going Out Tonight (Groundforce Remix)”
From the “This Is Contempo” EP (Nu Suburban Sounds)
Released October 2001
Remix & production




Groundforce “Every Friday Night”
From the “Every Friday Night” single (Halflife Recordings)
Released September 2001
Co-production, SH101, Moog Source & percussion




Contempo “Aint Going Out Tonight (Live In Miami Mix)”
From “Contempo Vs Halflife” (Halflife Recordings)
Released June 2001
Remix, programming, SH101 & production




Abstrakt Knights “Straight Line (Groundforce Remix)”
From the “Abstraktions EP” (Halflife Recordings)
Released 2001
Remix & co-production




Radik “The Kick”
From “The Kick” single (white)
Released October 2000




Appleseed “Harlem”
From the “Pimpin In Sao Paulo EP” (Kingsize)
Released 2000
Co-production & percussion




Hightower Set “Escucha Mi Funk”
From the “Listen To My Funk” single (Black On Black)
Released November 1996




Avenue A “Theme From The Sinners”
From “The Sinners EP” (Kingsize)
Released October 1996





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