A Dreaded Update

I’m rushed off my feet at the moment, drowning in a sea of Spiky Dread CD’s which just showed up from the manufacturer, which means my new label Rongorongo is off the ground with the 1st release hitting the shops on December 17th.

You can read more about this via the ever reliable folks over at CMU who asked me a few questions about the compilation and future plans for the label.

As mentioned above, I’ve already got a sub-label in the works showcasing my throwback dancehall business, and the 1st Rongorock 7″ is almost in the bag thanks to the London transport obsessed Mark Professor but more on that later.

Let’s not forget about the Wrongtom Meets Deemas J album either, recently described in Wire Magazine as “the strongest modern reggae set to emerge from the UK in years” which is something I really can’t complain about.

If you wanna know a little bit more about In East London, I’ve recorded a podcast, discussing some of our influences whilst making it, and chatting about my dad looking like Sean Connery and an old mate who designed My Little Ponys and other important stuff like that, have a listen.

Don’t forget I also put together a couple of mixtapes which are now up on my mixcloud page, go here for Linn Inna Di Dance or follow this link for Dubs So Def which also has a very very very long interview to accompany it.

And if you STILL haven’t bought In East London, for crying out loud, go here immediately!

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