Boxing Day

Ah yes, the fast moving world of the music business – a couple of years ago my mate Remi Rough asked me to do a remix for his forthcoming EP, I think I possibly forgot to do it, then finally after some pestering, I delivered it last year and once again forgot all about it. That is, until today when I awoke to find the EP has finally gone live.

If you’re expecting my usual reggae shenanigans then you may be surprised as I’ve opted for some old fashioned boom bap business with a psychedelic twist. Check out my remix featuring Remdog and Nature Boy Jim Kelly from New Kingdom on mic duties…

In other news things are looking good for the forthcoming Wrongtom Meets Deemas J album. Preorders have been coming in thick and fast worldwide, the Jump + Move + Rock video has had over 114000 hits and you can still grab the Mercury recommended single here.

And don’t forget after the album drops this Monday, we’ll be embarking on a short tour, there’s more info on that over at Tru Thoughts.

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